Monthly Archives: November 2021

Big recording beer

Barrel-aged Moose Boots from Prairie Artisan Ales for the recording last night.

At over 13% it was not the sort of thing to take lightly. It was a tasty one.

Happy Turkeys, you guys.

It was delicious.

Baby’s First Dub

I’ve been swinging and missing on these SNKRS drops for a few months., so I decided to go in on anything that I might wear of flip.

Now that I’ve got these on the way, I don’t know if they’re a keep or not.

The Super Cops (1974)

I caught the last chunk of this movie last night while flipping channels. It’s got lots of standard-issue 70’s NYC cop movie stuff in it, but the standout to me is the music. Holy cow is it good.

Jerry Fielding, a victim of the Red Scare in the 50’s, did the score to this but is more famous for his work for The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs. I’m gonna pull this whole movie down as an audio file so I can dig into some audio clips and beats.

Prayer For Judgement by Commonwealth Brewing

It’s not as pine-y as I like my West Coast IPAs but an easy supper nonetheless.

They mean it

We had occasion to go to the high school for a show last night.

The Admissions Office is not playing.

PS 5 Update

She’s filling in nicely.

Nike Air VaporMax

I got tired of missing drops in the dumb SNKRS app and bought a pair I wanted that were actually in stock.

They’re way bouncy in the soles but the colors are muted enough that they can pass here at the office without much comment

Snake Union – To Whom I’ve Never Met and Only Imagined

I know Dave from Snake Union. Here’s new music from his group. It is a bit more challenging that what I normally share here, but when you know people that do dope shit, you should share it.


I’ve been taking pictures of this tree in my neighborhood for 15 years. I love it.
There used to be another one to the left, in the same yard. They had to take it down a few years ago.