Monthly Archives: May 2021

Sturdy Lad

One of the more recent signals of my slow decent into my dotage has been my enthusiastic stocking of bird feeders.

I say “bird feeders” but I’m mostly feeding this chubbinsky. He can still do most of the normal squirrel jumping and climbing, but he won’t be for long if he keeps this up.

14 Years a-Twittering

That’s an awfully long time.

I still enjoy twitter. I’ve had to prune who I follow and mute the occasional trending topic, but I’ve got it to a place where I like visiting a couple of times a day.

Strongman Training is Going Well

I have not trained a ton of stone loads so I don’t trust the movement to go heavy-heavy. I think this is ~200 lbs. The contest event is a 60-second limit to load up to 3 stones, heaviest stone wins. I’m hoping to lift this one first and the see what the ceiling is. I only have a minute so it won’t take too long.

I’ve done a little more farmer’s carry training and I am stoked I got this one done. 250 lbs. in each hand for 40 feet is a huge PR for me. The contest weight is 235-per-hand for 60 feet so I feel really good about that.

I had some trouble with my feet on the heavy carries a few weeks ago. I switched up my footwear and started taping my feet to keep them tight. It’s gone a lot better since then, so that’s my contest-day plan. I might keep it up when I go back to Olympic lifts next month.

Happy Birthday to a Legend!

Pink Drink Spring Finale?

Rounded out the themed spring podcast cocktails with a daiquiri. I wasn’t familiar with the straight-up cocktail, only the frozen slurpee-style variant.

This was a nice treat, if a little sweet for my taste. Rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and strawberries.

Great, Great Becker goal.

Liverpool FC are scrambling to qualify for Champions League next year and needed all three points from Sunday’s match to keep hopes alive. Cut to the 94th-minute and they have a corner kick. Alisson Becker, the keeper, comes all the way from his goal for the last kick of the match and scores the only goalie-header in the history of the goddamn premier league.

His touch chart for the game is hysterical.


That’s all the deck chairs and loungers pulled from storage, where they spent all season in 2020, to get a power washing.

Memorial Day is gonna be a zoo.

Cloudy Wallpaper

Swapped out of the Mars Chute wallpaper for these clouds I saw yesterday.

They’re lovely, but the more interesting thing is that iOS changed all of the text and icons to black. Makes it all readable with the little fluffy wallpaper.