PR snatch.

RVA Weightlifting had an intra-team meet last weekend. it had been over a year since my last meet and 6 weeks since recovering from goddamn COVID. Training went reasonably well but I still went with super conservative openers. I probably play it too safe on the platform, but I would rather sandbag early than bomb out of a meet. I went 2-for-3 on the Clean and Jerk, missing 105kg at the end. It was a timing problem, not a power problem, which is heartening.

This 80kg snatch is probably a 3-4kg PR. Hell, it’s probably a 2-3kg attempt PR. I have had a hang up on this weight for a couple of years and it looks pretty easy there in the video.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve hopped off of the Weightlifting program to compete at a Strongman contest in June. Assuming I live through that, I should have a brand new base of strength to shoot for another Weightlifting meet (and a PR or two) in the Fall.

Short Rest Triples, set 6 of 6.

“Short Rest” is a variable that translates loosely to “get your heartrate down to about 100bpm and go again”. You want to stay active without hitting Fatigue but without transitioning to Rest. A 2-minute interval worked for me last night.

I’ve moved to the Strongman program from the Weightlifting program. The contest is in June so I’ll need to hustle to get ready.

It is well-known that “Hustle” is one of my most notable traits…

2021 Knicks are bringing some joy

This Mike Vaccaro story in the NY Post (which is a trash paper, for the record) really distills the good vibes I’m getting from the Knicks and their improbable season-so-far.

He makes some great comparisons to teams I loved and how, even though they didn’t win championships, had expectation-defying seasons that got the fans hyped.

Hyped as in I, a casual fan, popped for an RJ Barrett jersey earlier this year. I’m nearly a 50-year-old man and the number of appropriate places for me to wear a basketball jersey is very near zero. So you know I wear that shit around the house all the time. I’m excited by this 2nd year player like I was excited about Eli Manning in his 2nd year: underrated and written off early but daaamn good.

I’m looking forward to the last leg of this ride.

SaMcast 156 : The Big Wet Way

It has been a long long time since we could record in person, but we are back at it:

(20:31) Wonder Woman Dead Earth
(24:11) Invincible (Amazon Prime)
(29:40) Sad About the Times
(36:43) The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Mike & Adam – Pink Jimmy

Followup and Footnotes
Music Break: Company Flow – Silence
Hot Ones parodied on SNL
Snowpiercer (TV series)
COD Warzone
Kong vs. Godzilla
The Usual Suspects
The Public Radio
What Had Happened Was
LOTR: Return of the King