Food posts, I guess?

My blogging efforts this year have been an effort to retake my posts from the Facebook Social Media Industrial Complex.

Food posts are a staple of my social media posts but it feels weird putting them here on the blog.

It’s not really any different from drinks posts, I guess? All of which is a long-winded way of saying, “look at these steaks”.

12 Beers of Christmas Days 1 and 2

We all got our own open-one-a-day calendars this year. Mine is from Clown Shoes Brewing. I haven’t had a ton of their beers but I have really enjoyed the ones I have.

Day One was a dry-hopped IPA. It’s a standard-issue style these days and this one was really tasty.

Day Two was a Bavarian-Style IPA. This is not a style I’ve had before and I don’t know that the Bavarians are known for their IPAs? I didn’t really like this one, but I soldiered through and finished it.

Suburban sunrise

Sometimes I wish I lived on more land so I could get better pictures of the sky. Then I remember that I really enjoy our high-speed internet here and I feel better.


Trying to use Halide as my default camera. The only thing I can remember how to move is the exposure slider (which I didn’t move much here).

Easy Monday Mail Day

I’m just starting Desert Oracle, so I can’t say much about it yet.

This issue of MAD is an all-Aragonés tribute, so it’s good reading. Our oldest subscribed a few years back. I don’t read them all, and I’ll read even less now that they’re just reprinting old stuff.