Cardio Clinic and a Lesson

Felt a little better after all of this last night. I think maybe I’m getting in some kind of shape. Too bad it’s at the end of outdoor tennis season (and I’m not interested in paying for an indoor option for the winter).

I do plan to hit some balls and work on my serve over the colder months so I’m not a complete disaster when we start up again in the Spring.

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Safe As Milk Podcast #145

Adam's coaster struggles continue, but we found a way to talk about harps, a bummer of a Netflix movie, a fun Netflix movie, and another strong entry in our Podcast about Podcasts Series.


Followup and Footnotes

Played a lot of tennis this weekend.

Like, a lot-a lot. I had a lesson, and then regular Thursday play, and then a doubles tournament on Friday, followed by some casual hitting on Saturday. A rainy Sunday saved me from myself (and I’m taking today off from tennis, too).

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The night was humid.

I had that cardio tennis thing again, followed by a lesson. The temperature was nice, but it was kind of humid.

That’s salt. I was a gross mess. >yuck emoji<

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Double Fitness on Saturday

A little bench pressing in the morning and then an impromptu tennis lesson in the afternoon. I took it easy at the gym, which worked out well. The lesson was all instructional, which is exactly what I need. The Tuesday night tennis is much more about cardio and the Thursday night tennis is about playing double and drinking beer. I need the play reps, but I also need to learn the “right way” to hit the ball so I can be more consistent.

I’m going to try to get a few more lessons in before the weather goes cold.

Tennis is a lot of fun. I’m glad I picked it back up.

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Tuesday tennis

A little more cardio in the mix tonight, and then I stuck around and hit balls for a little bit after.

I broke out my new shoes, too. I need to adjust the lacing, I caught some hotspots, but otherwise they were solid.

I couldn’t resist the Japan 2020 Olympic edition, even though goddamn COVID postponed the Olympics.