It was a big Wednesday

Had a fun doubles tennis session with some of the guys. The calorie counts are a lot lower now that it isn’t 96 degrees outside, and I am a-ok with that. Turns out I feel a lot better afterward, too.

And then it was podcast recording. I rolled with a Pink Jimmy in a pint glass. It’s all about efficiency. (A Pink Jimmy is just vodka & cranberry, but the story about why I like them is why I call it that.)


Family movie this weekend was suggested by the youngest. None of us had seen it or knew anything about the plot, really. (I knew the big twist from it being referenced in podcasts, but had no idea about the journey)

At almost three hours it was a lot longer than our normal choices.

We all enjoyed it and I think we’re going to have a mini space movie festival with Contact and The Martian the next two weekends.

One of those weekends

We get a handful of these perfect weekends here in Richmond. Warm in the sun, cool in the shade, low-low humidity and a hint of a breeze.

Really delightful.

We took the opportunity to try eating at a restaurant patio and came away relieved. 6’-10’ between tables, all staff masked up, and minimal shared surfaces (glasses and flatware and whatnot).

This kind of thing is only possible when the weather’s nice so I’m glad we got it in before things get gray.