“Out of Sight”

I talk about this movie so much and I was *hyped* when it made the cut for a family viewing. It’s peak Steven Soderbergh, peak Jennifer Lopez, peak George Clooney, with great small roles from Luis Guzman, Dennis Farina, and Michael Keaton (and there are another half dozen folks in it that I *love*).

And I haven’t even mentioned the David Holmes score. The whole soundtrack is perfect.

Prem Champs!

There was a long delay but the outcome was inevitable.

I am happy for this little bit of light in an otherwise dark time.


2020 Project 5

I came back to this one a couple of times over the last week. I’ve been playing with a loaner M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 Mk3 keyboard and it’s been fun inside GarageBand. There’s lots of fun drum kits and synths in there. Next I’ll need to figure out how to get samples into the keyboard, if that’s possible.

I’m also just using everything stock. No fiddling with decay or any of the knobs/sliders.

I’ll get to Logic this year!