Saturday Morning Movie 4/18/2020

Had a lot of laughs with this one. The kids seem to really enjoy a costume-heavy production.

Did Disney pull a “A New Hope” and add a subtitle to this after the sequels came out? I don’t remember the “The Curse of the Black Pearl” bit from when we saw it in the movies.

Saturday morning movies are great because it’s a dedicated coffee/family time alongside a solid movie with the whole rest of the day to do whatever.

Fun recording session last night

We had Ida on as a guest again. She’s great.

I *may* have been a little too chatty. I’d say “thank goodness this isn’t my edit”, but that means that I’m also not in control of how much chatter gets through the final release.

Fingers crossed that Adam does me a solid.

Tickled at myself

We rented a potter’s wheel from Hand Thrown, the studio where I’ve been taking classes, for use during the pandemic. This triumphant form on the wheel is one of the biggest things I’ve ever thrown. I’m calling it a ramen bowl, since it has something approximating the traditional size and shape.

I’ll give it a trim and then focus on NOT BREAKING IT until the studio opens back up and I can get it glazed.

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Saturday Morning Movie

What If is a rom-com that none of us had seen.
It was decent.
We liked the people in it (Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, Mackenzie Davis) so the some of the more random plot/character/vfx choices were easier to swallow.

Since this wasn’t the lesson-in-film of the last few weeks, it was a much more casual viewing experience. The kids like it well enough. Probably because it was under three hours.

Safe As Milk Podcast #130

I’m really cranky but find a way to recommend some good music. Adam’s work-from-home adventures are leading him to explore some video game and Big Boy creative tools.


Followup and Footnotes

Saturday Cinema

It was a hard sell getting the kids to watch this one, not because of the content but because of the length. It’s almost 3 1/2 hours long. There was an intermission.

We did it, though, and it was fun.