Safe As Milk Podcast #126

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Followup and Footnotes

Adventures in Clay – 2

Due to some vagaries in the studio’s kiln firing schedule, these are the only glazed and fired pieces I’ve got from the last class cycle. These are glaze tests on 266 Standard Brown Clay, which I bought in a state of excitement from Clayworks, out local clay shop.
It’s super messy to work with. It’s really, really soft compared to what I had been using, so it was a lot less tolerant to my beginner’s hands. It does fire to a really cool dark-dark brown, which I like.

The yellow glaze looks super-gross on it. The white glaze is better. I’m hoping to try some lighter blue on the successful pieces I’ve thrown.

I should have almost everything from this class back to me by the end of the week. I’m excited to see what survives the firing.