Safe As Milk Podcast #125

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Followup and Footnotes

2020 RVA Open 1/19/2020

The Solid Sundays keep on rolling.

Last weekend I competed in the 2020 RVA Open, a weightlifting meet here in town. I was trying to get a competition total of 179kg, which would qualify me for competition at the 2020 American Open Series, which starts in March at The Arnold. I went a couple of years ago and it was a good time.

Here’s my last lift of the RVA Open:

This 105kg clean and jerk was a PR for me and secured a meet total of 183kg, more than enough to qualify for the Arnold.

As always, I have to give tremendous credit to my coaches, Chris and Maddie from The Weight Room (the best gym in RVA).

I copped this sweet medal:

Got a photo with these class gentlemen from my session:

And then rolled over to Banditos for food and cold ones with my family:

Like I said, solid.

Eli Manning is retiring.

Eli Manning is retiring.

Here’s what I wrote back in 2004(?!?!) when the Giants drafted him:

(sweet screencap from the Wayback Machine’s cache of my blog back then)
(I also 100% have that jersey hanging in my closet. I wore it when I watched the Giants play.)
(man, I really need to get those old Movable Type posts integrated here)

In his years as the New York Giants quarterback, he brought me a lot of good times. Also some bad times, but the good times were so damn good I forgive them.



I watched these games with my family and they were stressful and exciting in the way that rooting for sports teams can be. Goddamn they were exciting.

Thanks for the memories.