Monthly Archives: September 2018

No Offseason

NYT on the Mets broadcast team: Gary, Keith, and Ron

This NYT profile on Gary, Keith, and Ron is a fun read on the Mets’ television broadcast team. The Mets’ win/loss record has been bad but I like watching baseball and these guys have helped soften the blow(s).

It figures that they tank it hard in the season I spring for the MLB package to watch them. And, like it says in the article, the Mets have been just good enough down the stretch that I’ll sign up again for next season.

Champions League is under way!

European soccer has a lot of tournaments, but the big one is the Champions League. Liverpool played in the final last year and it was very exciting. The new Champions League season started this week and this stoppage-time goal from Bobby Firminho was a tremendous capper to a great match.