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Lifting Diary 7

Heavy overhead double. I banged up my shoulder a couple of years ago doing some strongman stuff and it’s been a long trip back to healthy. Counter-intuitively, it has been lots of lifting overhead that has “healed” my shoulder trouble. Last year’s Olympic lifting experiment laid in a solid foundation of shoulder strength that has been a huge benefit to my return to powerlifting.
I should say “to my short-lived return to powerlifting“, because I’m going to go to a strongman contest in September. It’s just a local, level 1 contest so the weights aren’t crazy. I’ve also got a lot of family travel coming up between now and then so there are a bunch of training conflicts. Still, I find it easier to train when I have a contest or meet on the calendar. It’s just more fun.

Loretta Lynn “Fist City”

Loretta Lynn (still alive, btw) is an American Treasure.

NME 100 (from 2014)

This is a playlist I put together last year based on this NME Top 500 Songs of All Time list from 2014. It’s most of the Top 100. There are a couple that aren’t on Spotify.

They’re all hits (well, except the Blur songs, obvs.), and at over 7 hours long, it’s a nice way to spend a workday or two.

Snail Mail at Strange Matter 7/12/2018

Snail Mail was great.

It was a mid-week show after I’d been on the road a ton over the weekend. It was still totally worth it.

Highly recommended if they come anywhere near you.

Bill Sienkiewicz mural at SDCC

I’m not going to Comic-Con this year but I try to keep up with what’s happening there. This Elektra mural is siiiiiick.

#sdcc #sdcc2018 #sienkiewicz

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“Music From Big Pink” is 50 years old.

It’s crazy to me that this record is 50 years old. I never listened to it until after I read the 33 1/3 novella “Music From Big Pink”, which is a fictionalized story of the recording of the album.

It’s one of those albums that gets the major hype treatment from the baby boomers but, IMO, it lives up to it.

Instagram “All Caught Up” notification

This surprised me this afternoon.

I have a deep hatred for the algo-driven feed. I use Twitterrific to get my tweets in chronological order but there isn’t a good 3rd party app to use for Instagram.

This seems like an okay compromise. I hate that they won’t just let me see what I want in the order it was posted, but maybe I’m less mad if they still show me everything? I dunno. We’ll see.


It’s not even noon.