Lifting Diary 7

Heavy overhead double. I banged up my shoulder a couple of years ago doing some strongman stuff and it’s been a long trip back to healthy. Counter-intuitively, it has been lots of lifting overhead that has “healed” my shoulder trouble. Last year’s Olympic lifting experiment laid in a solid foundation of shoulder strength that has been a huge benefit to my return to powerlifting.
I should say “to my short-lived return to powerlifting“, because I’m going to go to a strongman contest in September. It’s just a local, level 1 contest so the weights aren’t crazy. I’ve also got a lot of family travel coming up between now and then so there are a bunch of training conflicts. Still, I find it easier to train when I have a contest or meet on the calendar. It’s just more fun.

NME 100 (from 2014)

This is a playlist I put together last year based on this NME Top 500 Songs of All Time list from 2014. It’s most of the Top 100. There are a couple that aren’t on Spotify.

They’re all hits (well, except the Blur songs, obvs.), and at over 7 hours long, it’s a nice way to spend a workday or two.

Instagram “All Caught Up” notification

This surprised me this afternoon.

I have a deep hatred for the algo-driven feed. I use Twitterrific to get my tweets in chronological order but there isn’t a good 3rd party app to use for Instagram.

This seems like an okay compromise. I hate that they won’t just let me see what I want in the order it was posted, but maybe I’m less mad if they still show me everything? I dunno. We’ll see.