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Alto’s Adventure¬†


Alto’s Adventure is a new iOS buzz game that has me has me plenty hooked. I can’t think of a better description than the “the gameplay of Ski Safari with the looks of Monument Valley“. I enjoyed both of those games very much. 


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The Field 2007-2013 Mix

Transitioning out of my current job means I’ve been relocated from my longtime desk and workstation. Since I’m not going to install Spotify here in my temporary home I’ve been trawling youtube for daily musical accompaniment (a tip I picked up from my kids, if you can imagine). There are countless full albums across all music genres available. It’s pretty great.

This 80+-minute mix of music from The Field is one of the best things I’ve come across:

Whale tail, that came with a tale. #aloha

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Reps. This place is pretty great.

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