Run the Jewels at the Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA.

In addition to being the most recent entry in my Terrible Phone Photos from Shows series, that Run the Jewels concert was straight-up terrific. We were the 12th stop on their tour and those dudes were stoked like it was the 3rd night. Killer Mike danced his ass off and El-P was freaking funny with his between song stage banter. It was cool to see them give DJ Trackstar (“we’re a rap group so you know we have a DJ!“) some time to scratch, too.

The whole set was just damn cool. I’m close to being aged out of shows, especially when they’re out of town, so I’m glad I got this one in.

If you’re a Rap Fan and you haven’t done it yet, I recommend the free (As in beer) download of Run the Jewels 2. For some reason this album is getting the big time Hype Treatment and I know that can turn people off. Run the Jewels 2 deserves it. Check it out.

“Big Trouble…” by Funko

Some of these Funko toys have been clever but there is something about the big, square head that has kept me from pulling the trigger.

Until now. Damnit.

I have until February to either: 1) forget that these exist or 2) get some kind of toy display deal set up in my office.