3 miles.


God, it wasn’t even three whole miles. Seems like it hasn’t been the best choice to keep eating like I’m training for a half marathon, since I ran the half marathon almost 2 months ago. This feels awful.

To add to the good vibes, after half a mile it alternated between a steady rain and a driving rain. At least it wasn’t too cold.

Hardywood Park Sidamo Coffee Stout

The Sidamo Coffee Stout is back for it’s second release. Built on their imperial stout (which I think is the best “basic” beer they make), it’s big but not too rich. The Sidamo Stout doesn’t skimp on the coffee and lets just a little bit of chocolate in to tie the whole thing together. It’s a limited release but they make and distribute a ton of it so you don’t have to hunt around town to get a bottle. The Bourbon-Aged version is a lot more limited and it’s even tastier. I held on to a bottle from last year and I plan to do a small tasting when I get a 2014.

Cold snap!


Man-o-man it’s cold out there. I try (and fail) not to cry too much about the weather but this is just too much.

Little car was verrrry reluctant to turn over this morning.