Monthly Archives: January 2014

RFTC acoustic at The Casbah’s 25th anniversary

The Casbah is a club in San Diego that was basically the home field for Rocket From the Crypt when they were coming up. RFTC did an acoustic version of “Ditch Digger” to celebrate. It’s an interesting arrangement (if not the best recording).

Noel Gallagher video commentary supercut

I’m an unrepentant Oasis fan from way, way back. This supercut of Noel Gallagher’s commentary from a video box set is good for a laugh. The groaning and swearing are just the best.

Triple Crossing brewery tank installation

I work with a guy whose brother is one of the founders of the Triple Crossing Brewery. They shot a little time-lapse video of the tank installation. Neat stuff. I’m excited to try their beers when they are up and running.

3 miles.


God, it wasn’t even three whole miles. Seems like it hasn’t been the best choice to keep eating like I’m training for a half marathon, since I ran the half marathon almost 2 months ago. This feels awful.

To add to the good vibes, after half a mile it alternated between a steady rain and a driving rain. At least it wasn’t too cold.

Hardywood Park Sidamo Coffee Stout

The Sidamo Coffee Stout is back for it’s second release. Built on their imperial stout (which I think is the best “basic” beer they make), it’s big but not too rich. The Sidamo Stout doesn’t skimp on the coffee and lets just a little bit of chocolate in to tie the whole thing together. It’s a limited release but they make and distribute a ton of it so you don’t have to hunt around town to get a bottle. The Bourbon-Aged version is a lot more limited and it’s even tastier. I held on to a bottle from last year and I plan to do a small tasting when I get a 2014.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – “Stranger to My Happiness”

I’m a bad fan. I didn’t even know she had been sick. She still sounds great. “Stranger to My Happiness” is the latest single off of their new album, Give the People What They Want, due on 1/14.

Cold snap!


Man-o-man it’s cold out there. I try (and fail) not to cry too much about the weather but this is just too much.

Little car was verrrry reluctant to turn over this morning.

Baseman’s “Hand of Truth” pin.


I hung this guy on my backpack. It seemed subtle enough when I bought it but the pewter-esque finish stands out a little more than I thought it would on the black-black of the SK26.

I’ll wear it for a while. I like the Veritas. I hope it holds up. It’s another good find from World of Mirth.

Winter Classic panorama

I only saw some highlights of the Winter Classic but they were awesome. Outdoor hockey is fun to watch.


photo by Michael Caples and worth a click-through to see it large

Only on tv, though. That must have been miserable to attend in person.