Monthly Archives: November 2013

iOS7 Timer on the Lock Screen

I like just about everything new from iOS7. My favorite might just be the timer indicator you can now see on the lock screen. I use the timer a ton and it’s nice to save a couple of swipes and taps.


El-P and Killer Mike – “Banana Clipper”

No doubt one of my Top 5 albums of the year is Run the Jewels. Adam gave me the heads up on it right after it released and I played it to pieces. Killer Mike has ridiculous flow and El-P sounds cool as always. It’s a free download, too, so you should definitely check it out.

Earthless – “Uluru Rock”

Earthless makes the heavy rock and roll. I have to admit that it was the cover art that first grabbed me. I like that psych-rock look. When I found out that 2/3 of the trio were from bands I know and love (RFTC and Howlin’ Rain) I was in before I knew what they sounded like. This one worked out well for me.

The Black Hollies – “Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere”

The new album from The Black Hollies is Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere. I’m into it. The first single is the title track and it’s a good one. Nice easy psychedelic sound that reminds me of the Pastels a little bit.

Here’s the Spotify link to hear the rest of the album.

Herbie Hancock – “Chameleon”

I’m hit or miss with Herbie Hancock. I’ve got a long-standing aversion to jazz-fusion and “Rockit” is the only non-fusion HH I know. It was a massive treat to learn about this song (and album as it turns out) which is a silly-nice funk groove. I finally tracked down a vinyl copy if this record and it’s now in steady rotation.

Drawn 2005-2013

I feel bad that I only just noticed that Drawn is gone, since posts stopped back in May.

It wasn’t on my daily list of stops but the animation and illustration that was posted there was always worth checking out.