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James River Loop 8-Miler

Trail running was more fun that I expected. It was also less about sightseeing than I thought. I was talking to a friend of mine last week about the upcoming run and he said, “trail running is fun but I never get to see anything but the ground because I fall every time I look up”. I felt bad for the clumsy fellow until I got about 50 yards in from the trailhead. And then I laughed because I’d apparently signed up for 8 miles of staring at the feet of the runner in front of me to see where they were stepping to avoid roots and rocks.

This video is a good illustration of the trail as we ran it (and the stabilized video minimizes some of the motion-sickening I get from these GoPro jams):

As I was looking around at the other runners before the start I set a goal of not-being-last. I was happy to see that I was neither last in my gender nor in my age group. I was close to the bottom, but not on the bottom. I’m also still kind of sore two days later. 8 miles was my longest distance run *and* it was my first trail run so that combo is probably (hopefully?) what’s got me still creaking around. I’ll know tomorrow when I get back to mid-week normalcy.

Time Hole – Cookie Clicker

cookie clicked

Holy crap has this thing swallowed me whole. Every now and again I will get way into one of these silly desktop games but they don’t usually come with this much carpal tunnel damage. I mean, you just click the cookie. What could possibly go wrong?

I think I’m close to the end game so I’m going to stick with it a little longer. It’s not good for my productivity, though, so not more than another day or two. I didn’t delete 90% of the games from my iPhone just to jump neck-deep into some other distraction.

50 Days to the Half Marathon

I’m pleasantly surprised at how good I am feeling good about it. I have an 8-mile run in the morning that I feel ready for. Tomorrow’s scheduled group run is for 8 miles but Adam and I signed up for that trail run instead. It will be good to mix it up a bit. I haven’t done any trail running before but I know the route from riding MTB so it won’t be completely foreign to me.

I had doubts that 3-3-3 miles for mid-week runs would be enough to support weekend group runs of 6-7-8 miles but it has all turned out okay. The Wednesday run bumped up to 4 miles this week and it was great for me. Compared to the terrible runs I was having on my Whole 10 I don’t doubt for a second that reintroducing carbs has been been massively beneficial. I’ve got more flabby fat on and about, but it makes such a positive difference in my runs that I am cool making that trade.

New graffiti behind my parking lot.


I don’t think it will last long. The people that own the building have been super-quick to cover anything that goes up.

Flaming Lips – “Borderline”

I didn’t know this was a thing until last night’s Mindy Project episode (which is a terrific sitcom, btw). I am 1000% in favor of songs I know well that are covered well in a modern way. I think this is outstanding.

2009 Flaming Lips & Stardeath and White Dwarfs – Borderline from George Salisbury on Vimeo.

There isn’t a youtube link, which is a bit weird. Here is a Spotify link, if you roll that way. It’s a great cover.

I still miss this guy.

I don’t even know how many years it has been since we had our last, best cup of coffee.

End of summer Whole 10

When I finished my Whole 30 this spring I guessed that a two-week return to the strict eating would be a good way to get back on track after a vacation or holiday. I scheduled a Whole 15 for after Labor Day weekend this year since I’d gotten so deep into beers and sandwiches (and pizza and donuts and beer and chips) as the summer went on. Turns out that 10 days was plenty to get the results I was looking for. I lost a bag of weight and shook the sugar-based crash cycles I was into. The Whole life isn’t something that I can reasonably expect to do for long mostly because I don’t want to. It’s too strict and it is too much of a household hassle. I love it as an occasional way to dry out and that is how I’m going to keep using it.

I am glad that I have a Whole 30 to look at as an example of where I am in the dry-out process. It was that history I used to decide that 15 wasn’t going to do more than 10.

Revisiting My 13 for 13: Ties?

I hate to call these last couple of Things from my 13 In 13 “ties”. “The jury is still out” is probably more appropriate but would make for a horrendous permalink url.

  • Gundam building – I definitely got started on one of the higher-grade dudes and I was making solid progress. I have a nice little setup in my work room where I can listen to music or podcasts, sip a beer, and tinker/paint/goof off. And then the weather got nice and the last thing I was interested in was sitting inside and trying to decipher Japanese pictograms. Model-building will prove to be a cold-weather activity for me. If I had been thinking this would have gone under the Wins next to Gardening as a half-point. I’ll get back to it once I get through this half-marathon.
  • Meditation – This one will get its own post. I’m a big fan and I want to have room to say more than just in an update blurb.
  • And that is where I stand 3/4 of the way through 2013 on my list of 13 Things I wanted to do. I feel like a champion, actually posting one of the intended-to-be-quarterly updates on that list. I’ll revisit all of these at the end of the year, potentially.

    Tacobot by Johnny Crap

    I’d love to pull the trigger on this but I have too many posters in the file already. J. Crap is a great follow on Instagram if you’re looking for someone new to check out. This hipsterrific Taco Truck Transformer is sharp.

    You can buy them here.

    Pool’s closed for the year

    Ridgetop Last Day 2013

    I didn’t get there nearly enough this summer but I always managed to get a nap in each time. It’s such a terrible Dad cliché to fall asleep in the sun but damn it feels so good.