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Jack White at nTelos Pavillion, C’ville Va.


Raced out after work to cross another name off of my Live Music Bucket List.

He was great, but I want to see him in a theater, I think. Too many distractions in that open air environment.

Smashed burgers.

I’ve been grilling a long time and I think my burger game is pretty tight. I like them grilled because I can cook a half dozen at a time (if I need to) and the smokiness doesn’t jack up our small kitchen (when we cook bacon, the smell/smoke seems to linger forever). I’ve had diner-style (or smashed) burgers before and they’re definitely tasty. I’m not 100% into the greasiness, though, which is probably why I prefer the grilling.

This article at Serious Eats, however, has me straight-up inspired to get some burger smashing going on a cast iron skillet.

I mean, come on. Even I, a long-time grilling advocate, gets some saliva turning at this photo:


[via Later On]

New Tame Impala video, “Elephant”

I was a huge fan of their last album, despite some of it getting into guitar-noodly free jams. There was enough of a foundation to the songs to keep them grounded and listenable. “Elephant” is definitely on the more psychedelic end of their spectrum but it gets me geeked all the same.

via [Potholes In My Blog]

Ultralilght gear or a hearty #2?

I’m a hearty #2 man, myself. I’ve joked forever about “having a salad” when presented with an opportunity to upgrade to newer, lighter bike parts. Semi-rad uses some math to further the case for GI regularity.

If your full-time job is something other than “professional cyclist,” I think you should save the money you’d like to spend on the newest ultralight bike frame, get something cheaper, and just take a dump before you go on your ride.

Via Drunk Cyclist.